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SOA and Service Oriented Architecture – For agile and scale-able system integration
Feb 1st 2015

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We dont hear SOA being mentioned so explicitly these days. The reason is that SOA or Service Oriented Architecture has become more ingrained in our IT DNA. Few drivers behind this worth mentioning.

  1. As companies are trying to roll-out products and services at a faster rate than ever before, use of SOA has become the norm than a nice to have.
  2. More and more companies are merging/integrating services that were originally built on entirely different platforms. One cannot tear down and build those services from scratch.
  3. Application Architects have embraced this architecture more widely.

Tightly coupled systems are giving way to more agile, scale-able systems by reusing components on the network.
With SaaS very prevalent now, integration is taking on different forms of challenges. Also a more urgent need to streamline design, development, integration, testing and rollout of newer services and products.


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