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Services Oriented Architecture SOA market is expected to reach over $16 billion by 2020

SOA market to reach $16 billion


The Services Oriented Architecture SOA market globally is already over $6 billion annually, and looks to almost treble with expectations of over $16 billion by 2020. The main driver behind these massive numbers is the popular global uptake of smartphones, spurt in cloud based services and the continuous outreach to newer sections of internet users. The only thing holding SOA back from a true digital explosion, is the lack of a fully integrated infrastructure that is capable of supporting the global demand for cloud computing, but that is coming faster than even the most optimistic pundits suggest. Here is where integration testing comes in and the need for this to be on a higher priority. This is a marked deviation from the previous UI based Application testing that have been the norm for last few decades.

The SOA testing tool , SOArite, is already well positioned to cope with both the existing and anticipated demand.
SOA with SOAP, REST is the building block of most Web Services and new transactional systems and provides the gateway to realizing real time integrated enterprise system. This will open the way for a new era of B2B engagements that will start to transcend location, current communication restrictions and processes. SOArite is at the forefront of this new testing strategy  ready to help manage testing of Web Services, HttpServices, Messaging, and database components.

For further information review the March 15, 2015 report by Orbis Research at


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