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Simple way to do end to end integration testing

How to do end-to-end testing of SOA components?
Nov 15, 2014

SOA or Service Oriented Architecture is an architectural practice that reuses existing software components without reinventing the wheel.  As can be imagined this kind of reuse will create a complexity driven by needs to cater to adaptability and compatibility with different systems.

There are typically two ways to test these enterprise level Applications.

  1. End-to-end integration testing once all the components are connected and in place.
  2. Test each of these individual components before deploying them for integration.

A third approach is to use dual capability tools such as  SOArite  which is a software functional and integration testing tool that lets you test various software components standalone or in workflow mode.

The components supported are
Web Services
REST Services
Http Services
Database Services
Messaging services
TCP/Legacy Services

In standalone mode, SOArite provides data entry forms for ease of testing. Configure, enter data and test. As simple as that!
In worflow mode, user can integrate all of these Services within SOArite and do end to end testing.
Thats a step closer to faster and agile testing. Check out the demo videos on SOArite,


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