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Do you use SOA(Service Oriented Architecture)? Do you have a SOA Workflow that you need to test?

Do You Use SOA?

Integrating Web services, REST and Http Services, JMS, JDBC and legacy services into a strategy was never meant to be easy.

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Test SOA components effortlessly

SOA Testing Made Simple

End to end testing of a SOA Application will have integration hiccups, unexpected delays and configuration disconnects.

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Workflow Testing connecting Web Services, REST Services, Http Services, JDBC, JMS and TCP components

Workflow Testing

Why wait for all SOA components to be integrated to begin testing? As long as individual services are developed, we can help connect and test.

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SOArite - Testing Web Services, REST Services, Http Services, JDBC, JMS, TCP


Test SOA components effortlessly. See the demo to see the capabilities. Download the trial version and see how SOArite can help you.

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Do you use SOA or Microservices?

Runzyme’s flagship product SOArite can help in SOA/microsservices functional and end-to-end testing. Microservices consisting of middleware and backend processes that do not have a UI but are atomic and self-sustaining are becoming the backbone of a enterprise systems due to their modular and reusable capacity. This means a shift from black box testing to a more process based and integration testing. This shift to reusable components has its own challenges with multiple points of failure, complexity in design and steep learning curve. Typically the standalone business process is tested and validated before plugging it into the larger enterprise service oriented architecture. Selecting the right testing tool is smart and improves ROI.

How many SOA components do you typically use?

  • Http Services
  • SOAP based Web Services
  • RESTful Web services
  • JDBC API to access databases
  • JMS API to access messaging Services
  • TCP connection to legacy Systems

Here is an answer

Whether its SOAP XML or REST based WebServices, database(via JDBC) or messaging(JMS), connectivity to HttpServers or legacy systems, SOA testing can be a complicated process. With SOArite you can test any of these components individually or as a workflow as it would be in a real case scenario. SOArite enables you to integrate these components allowing you to enter data in user friendly UI forms freeing you from the details of the underlying data structure.