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SOARite Logo Workflow and Microservice Testing.

SOA flowchart testing SOARite can test any of these SOA services individually or as a workflow:

  • Web Services
    Test SOAP/XML based Web Services through simple forms without knowledge of XML. With the .wsdl file let us generate the UI forms for you to test.
  • REST Services
    Connect to REST services without knowledge of JSON/XML formats. Use the generated UI forms to modify/enter data against the REST services.
  • Http Services
    Make Web API calls by POST’ing to HttpServers. This is ideal for server to server communication.
  • Database
    Connect to Oracle, MySQl, SQLServer and test SQL queries, Prepared statements, Stored procedures. The tool will prefech fields for Prepared Statement and Stored Procedures.
  • JMS
    Connect to ActiveMQ, HornetMQ, RabbitMQ and test by sending messages to JMS servers using simple data entry forms.
  • TCP
    Connect and send payloads to legacy systems through TCP.


  • SOArite will provide a simple text form for testing any of these TestElements or Services.

Worklow or Microservice testing

  • SOArite will help you create your workflow through drag and drop mechanism on a canvas.
  • You can even connect these various TestElements in the workflow to allow for integration testing.
  • You can set up your own rules and checks.
  • And run all these as a workflow…end to end testing without the help of a developer.
  • All your transactions are recorded in the log file view able through SOArite.
  • No coding. No deployment. Setup and test a workflows in less than a minute.