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How to do SOA Web Services testing

Effective SOA Web Service testing
Feb 15, 2015

Over the years WebServices has become a integral part of an enterprise architecture. The benefits are many to mention. You would not be reading this if it had not got to you. However SOA Web Services testing has always been challenging because of the need to know SOAP, XML, JSON, REST, WSDL, UDDI, WS Security. Not all Quality Assurance engineers are knowledgeable in this area. Not their fault as their role is to test the system and not the inner workings of the Application.

To effectively test WebServices, one has to be able to test various test cases and try to find flaws in the interface before the customers do. Understanding various interfaces, services, data types is is key to an effective testing cycle. However due to release timelines, they are tasked more with testing business functionality. For this they should have take the data driven testing approach. But WebServices being a middleware component without an UI, poses challenges to Quality Assurance engineers.

SOArite can provide a form based testing. Once they configure the endpoints, they can simply input the WSDL file. SOArite generates a form with all the field that they need to enter. Testing is as simple as configuring, inputing fields and hit Execute. Try it out. The ease of use is going to surprise you.


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